Thursday, October 12, 2006

Dushanbe II

Hamma Nagz! That's tajiki for "it's all good." Today, Sonja met with some high ranking folks at the Ministry of Culture and was introduced to a prominant dance scholar/teacher who is more than willing to help with all of Sonja's work. Score! Also, her Farsi lessons are progressing quite splendidly. Her new skills in the Irani language came in quite handy this week when we went to the Iranian consulate to apply for visas. We'll find out in a couple weeks what the verdict is. If we're approved, we'll be taking a train from Mashad, Iran to Turkey in December. Keep your fingers crossed. In other news, Andy's drum lessons, on Tablak and Doyra, are going well. The neighbors haven't complained yet. The video class that Andy's helping with started last Saturday. The whole thing's conducted in Russian, but he still found ways to help out. We're planning a trip down to Kulob soon. We'll keep you posted. Here's some photos of the gaudy Ismail Somoni statue in Dushanbe, Barakat Bazar where we buy our food, Sonja chopping meat, our apartment, and an MC Escher-esque milk carton with some cute rabbits and a glimpse into the infinite. Enjoy.


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