Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Life in Dushanbe

It's already been a couple of weeks in Dushanbe and things seem as normal as ever. For Istiqlol (Tajik Independence Day) on the 9th, we went to a concert of a well known Pamiri pop group, Shams, and had a great time dancing (desptie the synthesizer and "fake drums" as Andy calls it). For a week we were living in the apartment with Sharlyn and three dancers from her troupe in America (Aliah, Tara, and Rosa) as well as Sonja's teacher, Robyn. We were all trying to wrap up the project and get classes organized for the Tajik interns, who will be taking classes in English, Anthropology, and Video Production starting in October, courtesy of the Tajik Dance Intitiative. The apartment was a crazy house for a while. Suddenly, everyone left and we spent a day cleaning the place. Now all is calm.
Sonja, as usual, is doing a wonderful job of keeping herself busy: taking Tajik dance classes at Theatre Padida, meeting with a Farsi teacher, and writing the first part of her masters thesis. In his spare time (i.e. his waking hours) Andy has been aquainting himself with the Tajik language, which is relatively close to Farsi, but as we are discovering, also quite different. Maruf (one of the interns from the project) has been frequently stopping by the apartment and keeping Andy busy. He recently took andy to a local instrument maker where Andy bought a doyra (frame drum). Now he just needs to find someone to teach him how to play it. Starting next week, Andy will be assisting the interns as they edit short films from the footage we shot in Badakhshan for the Video Production class. Things are moving right along. Exept for a few things, like the cops who stand on every corner blowing whistles at passing cars in order to stop them and take bribes, Dushanbe is starting to feel like just another city.


Blogger Ben "Andy's Brah....Brah" said...

Talk about celebrating 4th of July late! Andy, did you get any ladyfingers, black cats, and bottle rockets? The Bowes probably could hook you up.

6:13 AM  
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