Saturday, June 10, 2006

Photo of a small neighborhood market where Sonja bought some strong Turkish tea to alleviate any caffeine withdrawals (although they haven't set in yet).

On day two, we decided to head out for visas but had to ask Ali, the hostel owner/director, for help with directions. He offered to call to check if they were open today and alas, they were not. Oh well, so we need a few days for rest anyways. Over the hostel's complimentary breakfast, we realized that the two older ladies staying in the hostel are Persian and Sonja decided to try out her language skills. It worked! A little, at least. Their English was still better than Sonja's Persian but it was fun to put a little Farsi to use. We discovered that they are here in Istanbul trying to get visas for Europe, Bulgaria is closest, or the states. One of the women's sisters lives in "Irangeles"/"Tehrangeles" but she can't get a US visa. They seem to not be eager to go back to Iran at all and even mentioned that it may be for the better if "Mr. Bush" decides to come to Iran like he has come to Iraq and Afghanistan. We were both a bit suprised at that, although Sonja has heard similar from other Iranians in Honolulu.

Andy is growing a beard (or trying it out as an option at least; it would eliminate the need to shave, but he's pessimistic it'll work and Sonja's not too sure about the whole thing). We had some good Turkish coffee today and found a "sweet!" pastry shop--I think we'll be going there for a mid-morning snack again tomorrow. The waiter was very talkative and teasing and seemed to think that Andy was a lady killer. (Sonja thinks its because of the "unshaven" look.) He tried to read Sonja's coffee grounds, after seeing that she was trying to read them herself, and told us that Andy would find a new girl. We both laughed, thinking that he's just trying to get Sonja to leave the lady killer for a sweet Turkish man. Next, we wandered around the neighborhood, first finding a residential area with locals hanging out and doing business in the streets.

Now we have returned to the hostel to escape the heat and get this blog thing published! And Andy finally gets to watch a little World Cup, too!


Blogger Catherine said...

убийца повелительницы..."Lady Killer" in Russian....just in case you two ever needed to use it. I'm glad you're having fun and that you've found a pastry shop...envy !

Catherine :-)

8:48 PM  
Blogger h_rastovac said...

You guys are hilarious!!! I miss you Sonja and I wish I was there with you two (I miss you too Andy.. heehee - but you're in serious competition with my girl.)
I hope the best for you guys and I will be waiting anxiously for each of your posts! Love to you both.

2:03 AM  
Blogger littlhinzyfamily said...

The neices say hi and like Andy's ...ummm unshaven thingy (reference to facial only). Gracie says "I love you and I miss please keep up with lots of pictures" grace.

8:25 PM  

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