Saturday, June 24, 2006

Greetings, everyone, from Baku, Azerbaijan! We have arrived safely after a very adventurous couple of days of travel. So far our time in Baku has been spent taking care of some very important business and changing from hotel to hotel. So, instead of spending time composing a blog entry detailing our amazing adventure across Georgia and Azerbaijan, we're first going to try and relax and see the sights in Baku (especially since we, regretably, won't get to travel to the South part of the country). We will fly out Wednesday to Tashkent. Look forward to hearing about knife-wielding Georgian teenagers, organ-shaking minivan rides to the border, corrupt Azeri train conductors, the sweetest-ever Azeri train engineer, sweet-tart fresh barberries, and crumbling, mildewy, raunchy Baku hotel rooms!!!

A few pictures from along the way . . .

Sonja at Sumela Monistary outside of Trabzon, Turkey
Rize, Turkey
Old City, Baku
Fire in Baku!


Blogger D.Bowe said...

What's the scoop? We Are waiting with breathless anticipation for your next post. I realize its difficult to convince goats to run on the treadmill in order to power your laptop, but you eager fans await!!!!

5:54 PM  

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